Modernized and Legacy Communications

Enterprise Integration ensures the right people, systems, and processes have the right information at the right time. KFG long-standing support of eBusiness projects for the DoD and their trading partners uniquely enables us to deliver robust, cost-effective solutions that meet your critical business needs.

KFG provides X12, XML, EDIFACT, IDOC, MILS, UDF and other translation, data processing and integration services. Our engineers have extensive experience designing, building and maintaining government and commercial systems.

KFG Enterprise Integration services:

  • Data Conversion
  • Web Services
  • Systems Integration

KFG has a proven track record of providing enterprise level translation services – the process of changing or transforming information of one format into another. A critical step in enabling systems to seamlessly exchange crucial business-critical information, such as when enabling modernized DoD systems to communicate with legacy or commercial systems.

  • Translation & Mapping
  • DOD & Commercial Vendor Integration
  • Any-To-Any Support

KFG supports a wide range of Web Applications and Web Services. We provide web-based services that support the lifecycle of a transaction. Our support includes a wide range of eBusiness capabilities utilizing numerous programming and operating languages and involving a diverse customer base. KFG is valued for its in-depth knowledge of and utilization of the full population of transaction formats, communications protocols and encryption methods.

  • Interoperability
  • Web-based Application Integration
  • DOD & Commercial Vendor Integration
  • Value-Added Capabilities

KFG supports eBusiness projects for the DoD and its trading partners. Through our translation and mapping services KFG supports the data integration of the modernized ERP systems of the DoD. KFG is a contributor in the secure and continuing exchange of data between the DoD and commercial activities, their trading partners, and the end users of the data.

The work we perform, supporting the DOD, across multiple standard and non-standard systems, both legacy and emerging ERP based systems, using several transaction formats, such as MILS, X12, XML, IDOCs and User Defined File structures or UDFs. Data is exchanged using numerous communications protocols and encryption methods.

KFG develops solutions, as well as provides unit, system and integration testing.

  • Financial & Procurement Data Standards Analysis Support
  • DOD & Commercial Integration Support
  • Legacy / Modernized Systems Integration
  • Legacy & ERP Production Support